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Benefits of Hiring A Member

"It's good business to do business with a member"


NAHB is home to more than 140,000 Builder and Associate members working together to strengthen the home building industry. The camaraderie between both groups is vital for the continued growth of the Federation.

“It’s an understanding that we’re all working towards the same goal and in the values NAHB has,” said Eugene Graf, founder and owner of EG Construction. “We find a lot of value in doing business with a member, and we recruit members we want to do business with and encourage the ones we do business with to become or stay members.”

Graf won the 2022 NAHB Builders Engaging Associate Members (BEAM) Award. The award is given to the builder or local entity that embodies the motto “It’s good business to do business with a member.” The award is also meant to encourage Builder members to use the goods and services offered by member companies.

“Membership isn’t something where you’re automatically going to get more business,” says Graf. “You get out what you put into it. But it’s automatically an icebreaker knowing you both belong to an organization that’s looking out for your best interests.”

“Associate members make up a huge portion of our membership, and if an Associate company is willing to belong to a Builder’s association, we should reciprocate and appreciate that through doing business with them,” Graf added. “I think everybody can gain value from each other as long as you’re in an environment where you’re willing to spread information freely.”

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