IBXHBA Code of Ethics


As members in good standing of the Inner Banks Home Builders Association, we believe in and accept responsibilities and obligations inherent in our provision of housing, light commercial construction and any other services, consistent with NAHB’s Code of Ethics contained in it’s constitution, we support the following objectives:


  • To conduct business affairs with professionalism and skill
  • To provide the best housing value possible
  • To protect the consumer through use of quality materials & constructions practices backed by integrity & service
  • To provide housing with high standards of safety, sanitations and livability
  • To meet all financial obligations in a responsible manner
  • To comply with the spirit and letter of business contracts, and manage employees, subcontractors and suppliers with fairness and honor
  • To keep informed regarding public policies & information which affect our business interests & those of the building industry as a whole
  • To comply with the rules and regulations prescribed by law and government agencies for the health, safety and welfare of the community
  • To keep honesty as our guiding business policy
  • To provide timely response to items covered under warranty
  • To seek to resolve controversies through non-litigation dispute resolution mechanism
  • To support and abide by the decisions of the association in promoting and enforcing the Code of Ethics.

Members assume the responsibilities in the Code of Ethics freely and solemnly and are mindful that these responsibilities are a part of their obligations as members of the Inner Banks Home Builders Association. We also believe that home ownership should be within reach of all Americans.

Builder Member - This level is for any person/ firm/ partnership/corporation whose primary business is construction or remodeling of single or multi-family housing and/or commercial property, or development of land into improved property. Builder Members must have an active NC General Contractors license. If you do not have one, you can still apply for and Associate member. Associate Member - This level is for any business related to home building industry- subcontractors, providers of products and services to builders and developers, other real estate professionals, etc. Affiliate Member - This level is for the employees of companies or firms with an existing, active(dues paid) primary Associate Membership Affiliate Members can only be accepted if there is a primary Associate member in their company/organization.
Business Name
Number of years
As the authorized representative of the aforementioned company, I do hereby make application for membership in the Inner Banks Home Builders Association and it's affiliated National (NAHB) and it's State (NCHBA) Associations. I agree to abide by the objectives of all three associations, their Code of Ethics, and their Constitutions and Bylaws.
All applications must be approved by our Board of Directors / Membership Committee. For new members who are builders Mutual clients, please retain a copy of the completed membership application for your records.
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